Grades 10-12

(see GRADES 1-8 programs HERE)

What Major to choose?

How and when to apply for Financial Aid (FAFSA)?

What score do I need to get into college of my choice?

Do I need test prep?


Your personal COLLEGE COACH will help you with all of the above and will guide you as follows:

  1. We will meet to discuss your choice of majors and/or assess your vocational interests and preferences.

  2. We will make realistic, well-informed choices.

  3. We will develop a time-line.

  4. We will pick and apply for different schools/colleges/universities.

  5. We will PREP for SAT/ACT

  6. We will apply for Scholarships, Grants, and Financial Aid

  7. In small focused setting you can even try the following career fields hands-on BEFORE you start college:

  • Patient Care or Medical Assistant

  • Construction : Carpentry/Plumbing/Electricity

  • Medical Billing/Coding

  • Dental Assistant 

  • Accounting/Quickbooks 

  • Computer Repair Technology

  • Business Administration and Office Management

  • Child Development Associate


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Contact Dr. McFadden: 862.414.1943

Dr. McFadden has a Doctorate in Educational Administration; MS. Ed in School Counseling; Principal's License (NJ); School Guidance License (NY and NJ); 20+ years of experience in Education