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Directors' Welcome

Dear Students!

It is our pleasure to welcome you all to the AIM Academy and  the Institute for Contemporary Careers. Our mission is to offer our students rigorous vocational training and to prepare them for a successful and productive life-long career.


ICC provides quality educational experiences for students in a variety of career fields, including but not limited to Medical, Business, Education, Culinary, Health, and Construction Trades fields. Our instructors and Job Developers are prepared to work closely with every student not only to educate, but also to support students’ professional and ethical growth. Our goal is to produce world-class workers and involved, motivated citizens.

ICC Directors

Our Mission
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ICC is an organization with well-rounded culturally diverse instructors that aims at enriching adult students' lives through offering a variety of educational and vocational opportunities. Our students could be from different walks of life: some have never pursued any post-secondary education, some - don't speak English well, others have degrees from foreign countries, but don't know where to start in the US. Our goal is to help them all be employable, self-sufficient, independent, and successful.

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