A word from our Graduates, Spring 2020...

ICC has changed my life .

My experience was great and honestly I would do it again. I've met and developed relationships with strong beautiful women that I've learned from.

Dr. McFadden thank you for giving me this opportunity to obtain what I needed to grow within my career ... 

Tanya Everett, June 29, 2020

Hello everyone I'm now a high school  graduate. How did this happen?

Well, Institute for Contemporary Careers helped me get mine. This school is great, the teachers at the school are great  they work hard to get you your diploma. I was a little scared at first because it had been so long since I be in school, Ms Ebony, Ms Lisa and Ms Gretchen  are my favorite they work with you. And I'm going to miss them and the school 

Cherene Franklin-Howze, June 30, 2020

Connect with our Students' Business

NY City Endodontics is hiring...

Ms. Diaz, one of our former students is looking to hire for her Dental Office as follows:

1 Receptionist and 2 Dental Assistants

Salary: $22/hr without prior experience; $25/hr with prior experience

Please contact:                prd@nycendodontics.com 

My experience at Institute for Contemporary Careers was extremely excellent.  The degrees I took were my high school diploma,  patient care/medical office assistant.  My teachers Ms Lisa, Ms Gretchen,  Ms Ebony were excellent.  Whenever I needed something they were there,  whenever I didn't understand something they spent the extra time to help me.  Dr McFadden, thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of your school. I wasn't so sure about this Institute at first but you reassured me everything would be ok. You were right.  Dr McFadden, you even worked with me with my payments unlike other colleges would.  I'm very privileged and honored to have been apart of Institute for Contemporary Careers.  I love you all and will definitely be back soon for my business management! God bless you all. 

Sheena Chambers, June 30, 2020


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